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Subtle pressure of expectation

As women, one of the biggest pressures to have children often comes from your parents or family. I have friends and co-workers who have shared stories with me of not really wanting kids or sitting on the fence about kids, yet, still deciding to have them because it was what their family expected. They felt […]

Not a Mother’s Day (and what NOT to say to me)

I don’t want to celebrate Mother’s Day. For one big reason – I am not a mother, by choice. Oh no, there you go, I just voiced the unthinkable. I DO NOT WANT KIDS. No, I am not a horrible child-hating, selfish, sad, regretful woman. I am quite the opposite and not wanting kids doesn’t […]


Market to women (NOT just mums)

Marketing to women is not a new thing. Women have been marketed to for many years. However, the focus when marketing to women seems to be making a huge assumption that all women are mums. First big mistake!! Not all women are mums NOR want to be mums. With close to 1 in 4 women […]


Is mum now the default setting for womanhood?

Through the ages, anyone who was different or didn’t comply and who dared to defy the norms set in society was ostracised, beaten, burnt at the stake and much more. Things have definitely improved (thank god) however childfree women are still subject to judgment and criticism by many, especially by other women, who are the […]

So long to the sisterhood

Interestingly, some of the biggest judgement comes from other women. In fact, it isn’t just mums judging non-mums – they are judging each other, too. The conversation might be around a natural birth versus a C-section, breast versus bottle feeding, working versus staying at home, real versus disposable nappies, how many children you should or […]