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The Massive Environmental Impact of Children on the World

When it comes to talking about our environment, almost everyone has an opinion. I hear a lot of people zealously talking about climate change, the need the reduce our emissions, recycling, and all that stuff. But most often the issue of overpopulation contributing to climate change seems to get shoved under the carpet. I think […]

Living in a world that expects reproduction

We live in a pronatalist society. That is a fact! Since the dawn of time, the world has been centred around family. In case you were wondering what I mean. A Pronatalist policy is a policy introduced by the government to increase fertility rates of a country. It is a way of controlling the size of a […]


What I learned from reading Mum blogs

Guest Post by Veronica Martin Veronica Martin is a Seattle-based lifestyle blogger who likes kitties and dresses with pockets I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but somehow I found myself being that childfree person who follows mom pages on social media. It could be that friends tagged me in non-kid funny memes shared on […]


Redefining the word ‘family’

Throughout time and across the world, the concept of “family” has traditionally signified as being a core ‘unit’ that lays a firm grounding and foundation of the future of us individuals.  Families are said to be founded upon a shared bloodline and genetics, and united by shared beliefs, values, morals, vision, and lifestyle. The dictionary […]

Mum bullying – it is real!

As a Childfree woman, I have experienced what I consider to be ‘mum bullying’. Or maybe we just call it ‘childfree bullying’. Two sets of rules usually applied – one for mums and one for me! The reason why I wrote my book A Childfree Happily Ever After, was to try and change the dialogue […]

Misconceptions about being Childfree

Anyone that knows me, knows I am all about the C word – Choice! I am advocate for women (and men) to be able to make choices in life that are right for them and for making your own rules. One thing that really pisses me off is when people jump to conclusions about childfree […]