Holidays are the best. I love getting away for work and play, experiencing new things, and seeing the world

There is only one problem. Having to travel with other people’s kids.

We have all experienced it and even parents don’t like it. We are slowing starting to see more childfree options but there is still nowhere near enough of them around, especially in Australia.

My most recent trip took me to Cairns, QLD, and part of my stay was in an apartment at Peppers Resort, Palm Cove. I had a great stay except everyday parents would bring their kids to the pool and let them scream their heads off. Now I get that kids want to swim and have fun, but I have an issue when parents let them scream. You know that piercing scream that goes right through you! If I did that, I would get thrown out but for some reason it’s Ok for kids to do it. I would be so mortified if my child did that and would do everything in my power to keep them quiet. #rantover

It can be very hard to find childfree options, even when you are paying a premium price. So, I starting to do some research and see what I can find in my own backyard. And it wasn’t easy…. I had a few people comment that many places won’t offer childfree as they are worried about being sued for discrimination.  (don’t even start me on that one).

To help the childfree community I created a special Childfree Travel guide that features Australian resorts and accommodation that is childfree. I will continue to add to these when I find more and if you know of any resorts that suit, please let me know

You will find the guide here:


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