Mums I am calling you out!

I am not a mum. Never wanted to be and was never sold on the idea in a way that made it sound remotely appealing to me.

I never understood the baby fantasy. This idea that you’re going to have this perfect little boy or girl, dressed up like a doll, that behaves, is well mannered, never argues, and will grow up to a big success. That success includes getting married and giving you grandchildren

The media perpetuates this fantasy. Celebs showing off their perfect kids, trying to sell you on this fairytale life when the reality is totally different.

The fantasy is further perpetuates by mummy bloggers and social media who only show you the cute stuff. Never share the tantrums. Never shows how exhausting it actually is.

It’s time for the dialogue to change. And its time that shit gets real!

The media, mummy bloggers, mums on social media, the church, men & women in society all need to change their behaviour and be mindful of what they are sharing online and in real life.

This pretense that being a mum is this perfect idyllic existence is total bullshit and the mums that portray their lives like this have a lot to answer for. I know one such woman. She lives overseas and every one of her photos is perfect. Her children are dressed to perfection in every photo, smiling in every photo and of course, she looks like a fashionista mum in every photo too. Why is this bad? Because it creates the impression and fantasy for women who might one day want to be mums, that life is all sunshine and unicorns, smiling babies who always smell like roses, and playing happy families.

MUMS you know that is not reality! So stop the baby fantasy.

Women that are undecided about wanting kids need to see the truth.

Being a mum is freakin’ hard work – every mum will admit to that. You need to show the good and the bad and it’s also time to get honest. Honest? Yes about your feelings.

Not all mums love being a mother. And god forbid they say they regret their decision. If so, they are outcasts and made out to be monsters. This is so unfair!

Not all women understand how huge job motherhood is. They are often sold a fantasy or fairytale that they very quickly realise is far from reality.

And the media continues to perpetuate it. Look at the magazine covers, news stories about some celeb being pregnant and how happy she is and of course the stories about mompreneurs juggling work and play (what heroes they are). Please ahhhhhh!

And then we have the ad agencies who feature happy mums in ads for washing liquid, travel, and anything remotely related to the home. Because if you don’t have kids, you don’t have a home to keep r housework to do?

Everywhere you look, women are sold this baby fantasy. Look how perfect your life will be if you have children! It will be so perfect and of course, you will be the best & happiest mum in the world.



Stop presenting this image of perfection. You are responsible for women who are on the fence deciding to have babies then often regretting it.  You are part of selling the perfect baby fantasy and that needs to change ASAP!

Are you responsible for being part of this brainwashing? Then take a long hard look at yourself and actions. It is never too late to change.

Empower women to make choices that are right for them. Don’t try and sell them a fantasy that is all wrong for them.

Motherhood should not be held on a pedestal as the holy grail for women. Girls and women need to understand that it is all about the C word – CHOICE!!






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