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The Evolution of Friendships between mums and non mums

The Evolution of Friendships between mums and non mums Friendships often change over time. Having children is one factor that can impact the relationship you have with your friends, but when one person has a child and the other wants to remain childfree, it doesn’t need to end a friendship either. I think friendships can […]


Welcome to our global framily

Who’s going to look after you when you get older? It is the one question that most childfree people get asked frequently. So how do we solve it? Let’s create a global framily! The concept of “Framily” is to create a global online community of childfree people to be part of our extended family. The […]


Have fun never being a real mum!

I remember the words, “have fun never being a real mom.” She didn’t mean them quite as I took them, but I do think she meant her words with all of her heart, at the time.  Being a step-parent is a role unlike any other, and possibly more difficult than others—yes, including being a mom. At least, with the mom […]