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Have fun never being a real mum!

I remember the words, “have fun never being a real mom.” She didn’t mean them quite as I took them, but I do think she meant her words with all of her heart, at the time.  Being a step-parent is a role unlike any other, and possibly more difficult than others—yes, including being a mom. At least, with the mom […]


Are You Ready for Aging?

The iPhone image came in shaky until the caregiver held the phone steady. I saw my Aunt and Uncle looking back at me looking startled.  This was their first experience with Facetime. He’s 94 with memory loss. She’s 88 in at-home hospice care. I was shocked at how much they aged since I last saw […]


3 reasons why mothering is a hard no in 2021

Having kids isn’t just about the kids. It’s also about actively participating in parenting culture, which, to me, resembles a competitive sport mixed with a frantic charade. With parenting, culture comes an uninvited onslaught of opinions, advice, and judgments, not to mention a complete overhaul of boundaries and priorities. Parenting is an exercise in acquiescence […]

DINKS advice to increasing your wealth

I hate numbers. I especially hate the word ‘budget’. I have never been good when it comes to budgeting but I have learnt through trial and error ways to get the balance we need financially to save, invest and also indulge. We are DINKS and having two incomes and no kids mean we can spend […]

Success isn’t defined by motherhood

We have all experienced it. Celebrations around children and their lives are everywhere. Not only are there traditional baby showers but now they have a gender reveal parties and naming parties. Many kids have 3 parties in their honor before they are 1 year old. Surely that’s overkill? Families are so geared towards parenting and […]

International Women’s Day needs to get real

Another International Women’s Day is here. I have mixed emotions about this day every year. On one hand, I think it is important to celebrate our victories, our wins, and seeing progress for women’s rights across the world, particularly in 3rd world countries. On the other, I think women can be their own worst enemies […]