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Why do I have no children you ask?

I’m not sure when I realised that my childfree decision was just about fair game for everyone to comment on but I am now 49 and realise that I will always have to have that awkward conversation when I meet people for the first/second time…. “oh you don’t have children?” they ask, “Was that your […]

My childhood abuse is why I don’t want kids now

Guest Blog by Kristina Marinelli.  I’m child-free-not-childless, it’s a decision I made in my pre-teens; I quit expressing my desire to be child-free after many negative comments by multiple people or the “Child-Free Bingo.” I’m now in my thirties and my stance on not being a mom is stronger than ever. 27-yrs.-old was the last […]

National Dog Mum’s Day

The 2nd Sat in May is officially National Dog Mum Day. Yeh! If people with kids can celebrate their life choice, why can’t I celebrate mine? After all, that is what Mother’s Day is – a life choice! More and more women are choosing to become fur parents than child parents for many reasons. The […]

How “lucky” childfree people are right now?

The world is obviously a different place right now, a place nobody expected to see in their lifetime. I would argue that one of the biggest changes many people are dealing with revolves around all of the changes and responsibilities that deal with children. As a childfree woman, this posed a lot of thoughts and […]

What it’s like to have a vasectomy.

Much of the conversation about permanent solutions that allow us to not have kids are focused on women. However, more and more men, are choosing to have a vasectomy as they choose to live a childfree life. I asked Caleb Norris to share his story with me. We are connected on Instagram and he is […]

We will have children someday, wont we?

My decision to be childfree hasn’t always been clear cut. Before I got married, my husband and I talked about having children many times. Each conversation always ended the same way, we would have children “someday.” We were never specific on when, and every time we talked about it, I felt like neither one of […]