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The “Mum Marketing” Trap

Here is a big lesson for all ad agencies, magazine publishers, media and marketers. Wait for it….. NEWSFLASH: Just because you are marketing to women, doesn’t mean they are mums or want to mums! WTF! Yes, I said it and it’s about time you listened. Here are a few facts for you to consider: Close […]

World’s First Childfree Magazine

Anyone that knows me, knows when I set to mind to something, I am a force to be reckoned with. That is why I am so excited about bringing the world’s first Childfree Magazine to life. My Mission:  To unite a global childfree community with a focus on lifestyle, issues, sharing real-life stories, and giving […]

Responsibly childfree

Responsibly childfree I am Childfree by choice but that does not mean I have no responsibility. Why do society want to create a picture that if you are childfree you are running footloose and fancy-free through a field of flowers without a care in the world? It is ridiculous and unrealistic. I am childfree and […]


The Childfree Uprising

As you know, I love to share the childfree stories of women around the globe. One reason I do this is to show all childfree people that you are not alone and that everyone has a different story or reasons for being childfree. There is no right or wrong way to live your best childfree […]

The Selfless Parent v Selfish Non Mum

I am so sick of the word selfish being synonymous with childfree people. Why am I called selfish when I am simply living a life of my choosing? Yet a parent is selfless even though they too are living a life of their choosing. The assumption is that when you become a parent you learn […]

Childfree travel can be hard for 1 reason….

Holidays are the best. I love getting away for work and play, experiencing new things, and seeing the world There is only one problem. Having to travel with other people’s kids. We have all experienced it and even parents don’t like it. We are slowing starting to see more childfree options but there is still […]

The ‘baby fantasy’ promise

Mums I am calling you out! I am not a mum. Never wanted to be and was never sold on the idea in a way that made it sound remotely appealing to me. I never understood the baby fantasy. This idea that you’re going to have this perfect little boy or girl, dressed up like […]