After hearing the devasting news that Roe V Wade was overturned in the US last week, I was numb with shock. I didn’t believe that this was even possible for so many reasons. It is beyond comprehension to me and women across the globe.

My heart goes out to all the women whose lives will be ruined or impacted by this ridiculous decision that puts women’s rights back to the damn dark ages.

I am also grateful that I do not live in the US, where gun owners seem to have more rights than women at this point. 💔

NO ONE….. let me repeat that ….
NO ONE has the right to tell a woman what she can do with her own body. No man! No church! No flipping government!!

What to do now?

As the dust settles and we have time to breathe and consider all that is happening, there are things we can do as a childfree community. My lovely friend, Therese Shechter has this great list of resources on her website, i strongly suggest you bookmark this, get involved, and support wherever or however you can.

You can find a great list of resources over at My So-Called Selfish Life website. These resources are many and varied and include the following topics/information.

• If you’re looking to learn more about self-managing, abortion with pills, or to make an appt at a clinic
• If you’re looking to give money:
• If you’re looking to talk about abortion:
• If you’re looking to share on social about abortion:
• If you’re wondering how to speak to kids in your life about what’s happening:
• If you’re looking to do something politically or locally:
• If you’re looking for background information about the state of abortion access:
• If you’re wanting to buy abortion merch & swag:
• If you’re a business leader looking to take action
• If you’re wanting to get out in the streets for abortion access

You will find this great resource HERE