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I am sick of the word ‘mumpreneur’

OMG I am so sick of hearing the word mumpreneur! Come to think of it I am sick of all these stupid categories being set up and just adding the word ‘preneur’ on the back end of it. I don’t understand how being a mum and running a business even became its own category? There […]

I’m childfree because the lifestyle is awesome

Guest Post by Veronica Martin Veronica Martin is a Seattle-based lifestyle blogger who likes kitties and dresses with pockets I recently went to a new hair stylist, and over the three hours that we spent together while she colored and cut my hair, she never asked me about kids. We discovered that we are the […]

Marriage and babies – is that all there is?

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who had grown up listening to fairy tales where the women is rescued by the man of her dreams, lives happily ever after with a brood of kids. Oh please!! It dismays me to see so many girls and young women say their goal in life […]

Are you too young to know if you want children?

I knew from a young age I didn’t want to have children. I remember clearly being quite disgusting when friends at school talked about just wanting to get married and have kids. That was probably about age 16/17. I remember when I was 9/10 thinking I wanted to be a career women and most of […]

Being A Childfree Woman in America

Guest Blog by Marissa Moore Marissa Moore is a Tampa-based virtual assistant and copywriter with a love for animals and reading.  Aspiring fantasy author and world traveler.   America has always had great pride in freedom as a founding principle, but more and more it is becoming increasingly apparent that the freedoms are conditional.  I […]

Childfree is not childless

International Childfree Day has been around since the 70’s however it has only been in the last few years that it has become well known and starting to be celebrate it. I am childfree by choice and a childfree advocate who believes women have choices and should make our own rules. I recently posted about […]