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Women are made for more than just babies

Subtle judgments and outward expressions of criticism can crush a woman’s spirit to a point they feel like they don’t belong. In my personal experience, I have felt oppressed, left-out, and judged more by women than by men. To date, only two men have questioned my decision to decline motherhood. One was about 90-years old […]

When I knew I didn’t want children

  I clearly remember the moment I had the life-changing realisation that I didn’t have to have children. I was enjoying a peaceful walk on a beautiful spring day in London. When the thought came to me it was so liberating and became a game-changer for me in terms of how I looked at my […]

The Growing Demand for Childfree Flights

Hotels and resorts have long acknowledged the need for offering adults-only options for childfree travelers. But airlines have never seemed to pick up on this trend. Not until the past decade. The growing demand for childfree flights has finally been heard, and certain airlines are offering options for travelers who’d like some peace and quiet. […]

Childfree Events – kids not welcome!

I don’t hate children but there is a time & a place for children to be present. There are places where they should not be welcome and where it is not appropriate to take them. Why do parents get offended if their offspring are not included or welcome at an event? Pre-children, these adults probably […]

Being Childfree as an Indian Woman

In several cultures across the world, family is regarded as a core central institution that plays a significant role in people’s lives and people are expected to regard their family, taking care of them and supporting them as their life’s biggest priority and focus.  This is particularly evident in the Indian culture, which emphasises collectivism […]


I’m a married, childfree by choice stepmom

I remember the first time I felt peace in a social setting, on the heels of a response from a conversational and classy, older lady, who upon listening to me say, “being a mum is not a role I ever prioritized,” said simply, “good for you!” Just like that, my shoulders softened, my tense tongue […]

Tocophobia is the fear of having a baby

Many of us childfree women choose not to have a child, hence why we are called childfree. Lol I do not like to look at pregnant, cannot stand seeing photos of their stomachs on social media and think the whole process is disgusting (not beautiful). But did you know there is a real phobia called […]

The status of your uterus gets political

As a woman who is childfree by choice and has been fighting against judgment and criticism for being childfree my whole life, I am disgusted with Deb Frecklington, QLD opposition leader and her recent comments. As a woman, it is hard enough to break through the glass ceiling and move into leadership roles yet here […]

Why More Millenials are Saying No to Having Children

The assumption that girls will grow into women, get married and have babies is all around us. It’s in the books we read and the films we see. It’s in the expectations of our culture, and it’s even encouraged by our modern political regime. We are conditioned from the moment we are born to have […]