Another International Women’s Day is here. I have mixed emotions about this day every year.

On one hand, I think it is important to celebrate our victories, our wins, and seeing progress for women’s rights across the world, particularly in 3rd world countries.

On the other, I think women can be their own worst enemies and play the victim in times when they should be standing up to have a voice.

It is at this time that we should also recognize the men in our lives. Our husbands, boyfriends, fathers, bosses, work colleagues who stand beside or behind us to propel us into the spotlight and support our choices and celebrate our wins. Without these men, we can’t follow our dreams and be the best we can be in our own lives.

So, to my biggest fan and number 1 cheerleader – my husband Shayne, I acknowledge and thank you for all you do to allow me to shine.

This IWD, I wish that all women would be nicer to each other, more supportive, and be authentic cheerleaders for each other.

I wish that women were LESS critical of their friends, family, co-workers, and even new acquaintances at an event. When you are at work, at an event, having lunch with friends, or on social media be mindful of what you are saying, words matter!

Stop making assumptions

Stop judging each other’s choices

Stop bullying each other.


Other women are not your enemy.

You don’t know another woman’s circumstances/struggles/grief/challenges / or situation.


Stop making assumptions

Stop judging each other’s choices

Stop bullying each other.


My wish as a childfree woman is to see the dialogue in society to change to a more positive one.

To see mothers be less judgmental and critical of childfree women

To see mothers stop bullying and criticsing other mothers for their choices

To see mothers stop bullying and harassing their grown daughters for a grandchild – you were allowed your life choices so let your daughter have the same!

To see mothers change the way they speak to their children and give them permission to make their own life choices, regardless of what they are

Let’s stop talking about the sisterhood and create a real sisterhood.


It seems ridiculous to me that in 2021, being childfree is still a stigma.

It seems ridiculous that women continue to judge each other for all their life choices – to breastfeed or not, to have a natural or cesarean birth, to have 1 child, 5 children or no children.

Why does my life choice affect you? It doesn’t!

Why do so many women and especially men, get upset that I don’t have children and that I don’t want children.


There is no competition between childfree women and mothers. Nor should there be. We simply have different lives because of our different lives choices

Both are valid. Both are right. Both should be 100% acceptable


You can play a part in real change. Real change starts with every single woman on earth.

It could be saying no to something you aren’t comfortable with

It could be standing up for a friend when someone is criticising or judging her

It could be having conversations that respect each others choices

It could be to stop being a keyboard warrier and start allowing healthy conversations


It could be just accepting that we don’t all have to agree with each other.  This is it OK to have an opinion but respect each others opinion

That is what I think IWD should be about


Stop making assumptions

Stop judging each other’s choices

Stop bullying each other.


If you want to see change, then play a part in that change

Be someone who says I am happy, confident, and comfortable with who I am.

I don’t need to drag someone else down in order to feel good about myself and my life.


#internationalwomens day #IWD2021