Responsibly childfree

I am Childfree by choice but that does not mean I have no responsibility. Why do society want to create a picture that if you are childfree you are running footloose and fancy-free through a field of flowers without a care in the world?

It is ridiculous and unrealistic.

I am childfree and my life is full of responsibility.

I run two (sorry three) businesses. That keeps me very busy and means I have to be super organised with my time. Being a homeowner also means I am responsible for two mortgages.

I have a husband of 25 years (which I swear is like having a child sometimes) anyway.

I have 3 dogs who need to be cared for, fed, walked, groomed and loved

I have an aging mother who was recently diagnosed with dementia, further adding to my responsibility.

I also pet sit and school holidays are the busiest times of the year so my day starts with feeding dogs, giving them medication if needed, cleaning and filling water bowls, and cleaning up any mess they might have made. Then comes playtime, cuddle time, and updating their parents on their stay

And yes even though I am childfree I still have a household to run. The dishwasher doesn’t pack itself and nor do cloths wash & iron themselves either. The bills need to be paid. The groceries need to be bought. There is always maintenance on the house and stuff to be done.

So, while my life may appear easy and carefree think twice before you tell me I don’t have my real responsibility.

Even when I do get pool time or holidays, I am thinking about what I need to get done, and with a massive to-do list, my brain rarely stops. I am responsible for it all. My responsibilities are just different from yours as a parent.

So just because I don’t have kids doesn’t mean I don’t have responsibility. I have a tonne of it. Sometimes too much and I wish I could be the kid for a day and let someone else take over it all. But then that goes against my control freak OCD nature.  I am responsibly childfree after all. And I am living my best childfree happily ever after.


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