Who’s going to look after you when you get older?

It is the one question that most childfree people get asked frequently.
So how do we solve it?

Let’s create a global framily!

The concept of “Framily” is to create a global online community of childfree people to be part of our extended family. The idea being that we can reach out to someone on our ‘framily’ when we need help or assistance, especially as we get older and might need a kittle help. This could be for help getting to a medical appointment, getting help around the house, running errands or might even extend to social outings.

So, if you need help you will be able to open the app and see who is in your local framily area that might be able to help.

Where are we at?
I am at the very early stages of concept development and I’d love your valuable input into developing the idea. I have some initial thoughts of how I see it working but I want to hear from you. This is going to be your framily app.

It is going to be most relevant for people 50 or 60 plus but hey, we are all getting older so anyone is welcome to register.

How you can help?
1. Register your details so we can build the database – By telling us more about you we can
2. Share your ideas – What would you like to see included?
3. Spread the word – Please share with your childfree friends

Find the details here:  https://childfreehappilyeverafter.com.au/the-framily-app/