If you love seen the news recently you will likely have seen the article about a massive bushfire brining our of control that was caused by a gene Der reveal party mishap.

As a Childfree woman, I am so over the constant gratification and celebration that pregnant women think they need.

And who invented a gender reveal party? What the! Seems like just another grab at free stuff to me…. NEWSFLASH, no one cares about the sex of your baby except you!

So, I’ve come up with my own list of parties to celebrate my Childfree life choices. After all, it’s no different to celebrating having a baby which is just a life choice too.

These are all the parties pregnant woman have to celebrate their life choice:

  • Birth announcement (all trying to outdo each other in its creativity)
  • Baby Shower tea
  • Gender reveal
  • Christening or / naming party
  • Every birthday for the rest of their life


Celebrate MY life choices parties:

  • Got a Promotion Party
  • Started a Business Party
  • Bought a dog /cat Party
  • Went on overseas holiday again Party
  • ‘I didn’t have a baby’ Party
  • Wrote a book / major life goal Party
  • Thank god I don’t have to take kids to (insert activity) Party
  • I didn’t marry the wrong man Party
  • It’s Saturday and I’m drinking because I can Party
  • I’m not going to your baby shower Party
  • I bought a house Party
  • I’m not Selfish Party
  • Just because I’m fabulous Party


I think it’s perfectly OK to have all these parties to celebrate my life choice

Look out for your invite in the mail…..


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  1. Mary Fechney
    Mary Fechney says:

    I do agree with this. I personally think all these celebrations are getting a bit competitive and over the top. I admit I’m happy for them for their choices but they don’t need to have all these gender reveals etc. I’m not a big fan of baby showers but I go out of respect for the people involved as it’s a celebration, as I would expect to celebrate my choices. I couldn’t really care about the gender as long as you provide and give the kids a good life but I know some people want or prefer a particular gender which I think is very self absorbed. Oh well I’m happy to be without kids so I’ll live my life my way.

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