I was recently interviewed by The Morning Show on Channel Seven about my choice to be childfree. Like all media coverage, you are opening yourself up to public opinion.

I am totally fine with that and as a strong independent woman, I think it says more about the person judging me than it does about me. So like water off a duck’s back, I don’t let it phase me.

The story was shared again on Seven news online and most of the comments were positive and agreed it was a personal choice and as long as I was happy, it was no one’s business.

Surprisingly (or not) most of the negative comments were from men. I have seen this on YouTube as well. Comments from tough guys hiding behind a keyboard who wouldn’t have the balls to say anything negative to my face. I dare you to get into a room face to face and have this conversation with me!

I find it ironic that men are so anti-childfree women. They aren’t the ones that have to carry the baby, birth it or raise it, so they know little about the subject in general. How dare they have an opinion about what I want to do with MY body. That would be the equivalent of me having an opinion about circumcision or vasectomies …….. nothing to do with me, my body or my life so why have an opinion on it?

The men who don’t approve of my choice to be childfree usually can be broken into 3 groups (from my experience)

The traditionalist

These are the guys who are traditional in upbringing, thought, and culture. They are often from very traditional cultures, who think women belong in the home with their mouths shut. They were raised by stay at home mums where the man was the head of the house and made all the decisions.

These guys cannot handle strong independent women who have a voice. They live in the dark ages and still think that women are second rate citizens who are well beyond their station in life. After all, our role on earth is simply to procreate and look after them. So, stay in your lane girls

 The insecure

A secure educated man is comfortable and supportive of my choice.

An insecure man doesn’t know how to handle a woman who has a voice and is not afraid to use it. These guys are the ones that were probably raised by strong men (often traditionalists) and although they aren’t as hardcore as daddy they are not comfortable with the changing roles or where it leaves them. A bit like a dog in a pack figure out the pecking order.

The Chauvenist Narcisist

Then there are the narcists who think they are better than women in general. They are threatened by childfree women and the deal with it with false bravado and god-like superiority complex. At work, they are in a position of power and are not comfortable with women being on the same level or superior to them. That is not good for their massive ego’s and childfree women threaten their place in the pack.

What all three have in common is that they are uncomfortable with women having a voice. They are threatened by them having a choice and their attitudes belong in a museum.

Get with the program and get used to it guys. You will be seeing more of us in the world and if you haven’t encountered a childfree woman then you will soon. Stop grabbing your dick and start using your brain. All women should be treated with respect.

If you want to continue to criticise and judge from behind your screen them to you guys, I say “you can go screw yourself.”


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