Once upon a time, there was a young girl who had grown up listening to fairy tales where the women is rescued by the man of her dreams, lives happily ever after with a brood of kids. Oh please!!

It dismays me to see so many girls and young women say their goal in life is to get married and have kids.

In the late ’80s when I was in high school I remember friends having that same ambition when asked what they wanted to be. Wife and Mother was a very common answer. And to be honest I just felt sorry for them. If that is all you want in life, I find that sad. Surely you want more from your life?

After years of women’s liberation and fighting for equal rights, I am disappointed that the main goal in life is still marriage and kids. Can’t you aim higher than that?

Now before you jump on me and call me a kid hater, or women’s libber, let me explain….

Women’s liberation has given women choices & opportunities they never had before. I am not suggesting that women shouldn’t want to have children. What I am suggesting is that women should aim higher than just wanting children. Surely there is much more to life and you don’t have to just settle for being a wife and a mother?

As a childfree woman, I am enough. I run two full-time businesses, I am married with 3 dogs, I travel, I spend time with friends, I work on passion projects. I have so many different things going on at what time, it can bamboozle the faint of heart. Lol

Some of my best friends have children and I fully love and support them and their choice.

Want I want to see change is the dialogue. Don’t teach your sons & daughters that they should dream of just being married and having children. Let them know that their life is there’s and they should do whatever makes them happy.

It is the responsibility of the adults in these children’s lives (parents, Aunties, friends) to help reinforce the message of choice and let these kids, make their own choices and NOT put these pre-conceived and traditional notions in their heads of what is normal or expected.

Think about how you are talking to your children around this topic and change the dialogue to make it more open and empowering and more focused on the C-word – CHOICE!!


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