My book was my passion project (an expensive project at that) and I love that so many women are loving the message I share about choice and making your own rules.

Something not too many people know is that when you buy a book from Amazon, online book sites and even the soft copy from retailers, the author gets a fraction of the RRP for all their hard work. It can be really hard to see so much of the profit going to the people who haven’t done the work and toiled over the book for months on end…. Imagine!

So, if you love the book and learnt something from it, please do me a kindness if you are in Australia, and refer people direct to my website where they can purchase a signed copy from me. I would love to build a worldwide community where we can support other women in their choices and direct book sales will help me to do that. Resources mean I can do more for this community of fabulous women and fund new programs that help women with making decisions to have kids.

My vision is big so I thank you in advance for supporting me and authors like me in our quest to share our messages with the world.

My book can be purchased direct here >

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