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How motherhood is portrayed in the media

I grew up with strong female role models on TV. With shows like Ally McBeal, Melrose Place, Dynasty, Dallas and Murphy Brown and trail blazers like Mary Tyler Moore and Lucille Ball in the sixties and seventies. Not to mention Buffy, Wonder Woman and Xena Warrior Princess. Women who could kick some serious butt. (No […]

Why you should buy books direct from the author

My book was my passion project (an expensive project at that) and I love that so many women are loving the message I share about choice and making your own rules. Something not too many people know is that when you buy a book from Amazon, online book sites and even the soft copy from […]

It’s time to change how we raise young girls

Girls can be so much more than just mothers. We can be world leaders, mentors, great educators, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, law makers, ambassadors for charitable causes and everything in between. We have been voice of change in many industries. So, why, in a world filled with choices, do we still hold up motherhood as the […]