One of my pet peeves is people telling me I am not busy because I don’t kids! Ahh!!!!!

I am not sure how mothers got the exclusive contract on the word busy? Someone, please tell me how their time is more important than mine?

We are all busy doing what is important in our life. That doesn’t mean that the way I spend time is any less valuable than a mother’s time. We are simply spending our time in different ways. And yes, I do have more time for me, my passions and relaxing but that is the choice I made in life. And being the OCD type that I am, I actually schedule downtime in my busy calender. (I know, it’s sad)

So, to put the rumors to rest about how I spend my time as a Childfree woman, this is a typical weekday for me. I am not lazing around watching TV all day or going shopping!

A typical week day:

4.45am                 Alarm goes off

5am                       Answer a few emails

5.20am                 travel to F45 training to get my exercise fix for the day

5.45am                 F45 class

7pm                       Shower & get beautified

7.30-8am             Breakfast and mindfulness for the day ahead

8am                       emails and prep

8am-12pm          work at desk/meetings

12pm                     Lunch, reading and possible errands

1.00pm                 Back at desk and back to work

3.45pm                 Learning break – self education

5pm                       emails and admin

6-7pm                   Dinner

7-8.30pm             TV break

9pm                       Bed & start all over again


As a mum your day is going to be different. But don’t think that your time is more important than mine and never tell me that “you’ve got heaps of time as you’re not a mother”. That is totally insulting and rude!

Remember you had the choice to become a mother therefore how you spend your time with change. So be respectful and mindful that I made a different choice to you!




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