I’ve always known that I have a great life. As a childfree woman, I am responsible just for me (and my dogs too). If I want to go shopping, I grab my bag and off I go. If I want to sleep in, I do. If I want to go to dinner, I get dressed up and strut out the door.

I have 3 dogs and as much as they don’t like mummy leaving them, I don’t let it stop me living life. I miss them when I am not home, of course, but I know they will be fine without me and be excited to see me when I get home. If I am not home, my husband feeds the dogs and takes care of them. He doesn’t need instructions for me, nor does he need me to prepare dinner for the before I go.

At a recent event, a group of friends were talking about how hard it was to do a dinner out with their girlfriends. It was a totally foreign concept to me. How could it be hard? I told them they were speaking another language and couldn’t relate at all. Why was it so difficult?

They explained to me the planning and organisation that had to go into them getting out the door. Organising their husbands, getting kids bathed and meals sorted for them, having to deal with tantrums and tears and to try and then try and get themselves ready.

I on the other hand, do hair & makeup, decide what to wear, consider shoes & handbag to match and get hubby to drop me to my destination or jump in an Uber. Easy and fuss-free!

So, it got me thinking in our era of equality where both parents often work, and women have high flying careers and run businesses why is it still mainly a women’s role to take primary responsibility of parenting.

Why can’t these women just tell their husbands to step up and do what is needed to look after their own kids? They are their responsibility too. Surely, they can bath them, feed them and keep them alive for a few hours. Why is that such a hard thing to do?

I can assure you if this was me, I’d be telling my husband to get off his lazy butt and look after his own child. I think it’s time that mothers push back and say no to their partners. I think it’s time that men acted like real men and took responsibility for their own children’s care and not just do the fun stuff!

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