International Childfree Day has been around since the 70’s however it has only been in the last few years that it has become well known and starting to be celebrate it.

I am childfree by choice and a childfree advocate who believes women have choices and should make our own rules. I recently posted about it being International Childfree Day and being proud to be childfree and copped a bunch of criticism on Twitter from people saying it was ridiculous that there is a day to celebrate it and it insensitive to women who didn’t choose to be childfree.
My response is to firstly to get the definitions right. Childfree is NOT the same as being childless.

Being childfree is a choice. Childfree people choose to be childfree. Childless people, don’t have children due to circumstance such as not being able to or not finding the right partner. They are very different circumstances and situations. The conversations are totally different.

The language matters! The term childfree and childless should not be used interchangeably. If you want to get involved in the discussion, then make sure you get the definition and context correct.
By someone choosing to be childfree, they are not trying to insult someone who cannot have kids. I am sensitive to that and understand it would be hard to deal with. Your situation is not something I can control and has nothing to do with my choices and situation.

To the haters, who think International Childfree Day is unnecessary and insulting to childless people, then I guess that means that Mother’s day is also insensitive and that shouldn’t be celebrated right?

Think about it.

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