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An innocent doll or pronatalist brainwashing?

I remember growing up I had my favourite dolls. One was called Chrissie and I had a lot of fun playing with her. What I didn’t realise at the time was that I was being groomed to be a mum. Chrissie was the same size as a 9-month-old baby and…
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Living in a world that expects reproduction

We live in a pronatalist society. That is a fact! Since the dawn of time, the world has been centred around family. In case you were wondering what I mean. A Pronatalist policy is a policy introduced by the government to increase fertility…
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Redefining the word ‘family’

Throughout time and across the world, the concept of “family” has traditionally signified as being a core ‘unit’ that lays a firm grounding and foundation of the future of us individuals.  Families are said to be founded upon…