The covers of magazines are literally covered with news about celebrities being pregnant. I don’t understand why?
When is the media going to stop putting motherhood on a pedestal?

Why is this worthy of a cover or front page? So a celebrity is pregnant? It’s nothing unusual or scarce. Most women are able to do it. It’s not a miracle, merely part of the life process, just like death.

Surely people aren’t buying a magazine because Jennifer Anniston might be finally pregnant? If she is then she is!
And how many more babies can Angelina add to her brood?

Why the obsession? Can someone please explain it to me?

There are so many amazing stores to be told. Stories about real men and women doing amazing things in business, to help our environment, to save lives, to help communities, to help make the world a better place. Are these stories more worthy of a front-page cover than the fact the celeb X is pregnant again. Give me a break…

Yes, I am a woman and a little bit of reality TV or gossip is OK to keep me entertained but here’s the big news. I have a brain. I don’t care if Princess Megan gave birth to triplets with pink hair, it isn’t a miracle and I don’t want to see it on every magazine cover I look it. Mmmm, maybe that’s why people are reading fewer magazines? They are fine with the salacious gossip and want to read something that will fill their soul and make them feel good about life.

How about you put that on the front page of your magazine?? Just a thought ….

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