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The Top 8 Adult-Only Properties in the United States

When it comes time to vacation, the last thing you want to hear while relaxing at your hotel is an infant wailing or a parent disciplining. Adult-only hotels and properties offer the peace and quiet you need. Here are the top 8 adult-only…

Virgin Voyages: A Childfree Playground on the Seas

The latest big development in adult-only travel offerings is the introduction of Virgin Voyages’ first ever cruise line, designed specifically for adults 18 years and up. Virgin Voyages plans to have four “lady ships” total in their fleet,…

How I Turned My Non Travelling Year of COVID into a Positive Life Changing Experience

I love adventure. I have a wandering soul and thrive on meeting new people, seeing new places, and learning new things. My partner and I often take off on spontaneous weekend adventures in our van, going to concerts, distillery hopping, and…

Childfree travel can be hard for 1 reason….

Holidays are the best. I love getting away for work and play, experiencing new things, and seeing the world There is only one problem. Having to travel with other people’s kids. We have all experienced it and even parents don’t like…
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The Growing Demand for Childfree Flights

Hotels and resorts have long acknowledged the need for offering adults-only options for childfree travelers. But airlines have never seemed to pick up on this trend. Not until the past decade. The growing demand for childfree flights…

I'm childfree because the lifestyle is awesome

I recently went to a new hair stylist, and over the three hours that we spent together while she colored and cut my hair, she never asked me about kids. We discovered that we are the same age and had great conversations about shows and…