Have fun never being a real mum!

I remember the words, “have fun never being a real mom.” She didn’t mean them quite as I took them, but I do think she meant her words with all of her heart, at the time.  Being a step-parent is a role unlike any other, and possibly…

Nature V Nurture – why you are childfree?

There are many reasons for choosing to be childfree. I have explored many of these in the conversations and interviews I have had with the childfree women in the Childfree Happily Ever After community. Like me you might be childfree because…
Childfree Travel

The Growing Demand for Childfree Flights

Hotels and resorts have long acknowledged the need for offering adults-only options for childfree travelers. But airlines have never seemed to pick up on this trend. Not until the past decade. The growing demand for childfree flights…