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  1. Anna Dwyer
    Anna Dwyer says:

    How interesting that people’s assumptions are that it’s your fault Tracey and you took that away from your husband, like if you are 100% solely responsible for that choice. It’s almost like demonising you yet victimising your husband.

  2. Leeane Brazier
    Leeane Brazier says:

    I am so over people & their narrow minded judgement of woman. For far too long woman, have sacrificed their career & their happiness for their husbands & children. Their is so much judgement for woman who choose to stay home & raise their children from working mums & vice versa. Live & let live. We are all different. Just because we do not agree with others, certainly is not the reason for negative judgement from others. Thanks for your honest, authentic truth xx

  3. Shweta Ramkumar
    Shweta Ramkumar says:

    From my experience childfree people are some of the least selfish ones as they devote their time and energy to make a difference in the world by running businesses, volunteering, activism and raising rescue animals (things that me and childfree partner want to do) and make an impact on a bigger level rather than just focusing on their families and revolving their world around their own kids (who DO come first by default), which to me sounds more selfish !

  4. Anna Dwyer
    Anna Dwyer says:

    I didn’t have children because of health reasons, yet I have had judgement. I guess people like to judge others without giving a second thought to why people are the situations they are in. Interesting talk ladies :)

  5. Judy Purchase
    Judy Purchase says:

    Alan and I chose never to have children and we never had regrets….even now he has passed away I still am happy we never had children. We had a great 40 years together….anyway he was my biggest baby…I miss him terribly….

  6. Adrianne Katmadas
    Adrianne Katmadas says:

    Thank you for sharing. Having had my children 13 years after getting married, I can relate to the judgement women are subjected to. You’re the least selfish woman I know Tracey Mathers and so many more people are blessed with your generosity of time, love and caring than you possibly could have given if you did have your own children. xoxo

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