If you want to work out if you want to have children, learn how to manage the pressure and expectations you might be getting, understand what both options look like in real life and get your loved ones to accept your choice, then this program is for you.

Childfree Choices Program is a step by step framework that looks at the key areas that might impact your decision including:

* How to navigate expectations & difficult conversations
* How to manage your loved ones when they are pressuring you to have children
* PLUS hear first hand stories from other women (mums and non-mums)

The program is designed to provide support and mentoring for women and men who are deciding if kids are for you. It will also help you if you are childfree and might still be getting pressure from your loved ones. 

“This program has helped me immensely. Thank you for doing this important work and being a lifeline for women like me.” Erin


Close to 1 in 4 are women are now deciding not to have children but where do you go to have those conversations that will help you decide what is best for you. Often there is pressure from family, partners and even friends who just want a playmate for their child which means you might be getting selfish and biased information that is not providing you with support or advice that you probably need. This program is not about encouraging you to not have children. The focus is all about CHOICE and working out what is right for you, no one else!

The Childfree Choices Program will help you to address common questions and issues, understand how to manage the expectations you’re facing, have the conversations that are needed, hear stories of women just like you and give you practical exercises to help you figure out what is best for you.


This isn’t for everyone. It is primarily for men & women who are undecided about having kids and are struggling to make a decision. Does this sound like you?

  • You might not know if you actually want kids but everyone keeps telling you that you should.
  • You might be feeling pressured by your partner or family.
  • You might be in your 30’s and feel the pressure of time as your options are decreasing
  • You might be concerned about how it is going to impact your career trajectory
  • You might be scared about how it will impact your current lifestyle
  • You might be anxious and stressed about making this life-changing decision and worried you will regret whatever choice you make
  • OR you might have decided to be Childfree but are still face pressure or expectation from your loved ones (and just don’t know how to handle it without upsetting them but still doing what is best for you). Maybe you need some guidance and direction to help you deal with this.


This is a unique program and it is designed to give you the tools, resources and informtion to help you make the decision that is right for YOU.  There are currently 2 options available.


The online program is broken down into 9 months which is no coincidence. (there is an option to Fast Track if you want to move quickly).

It is designed to provide support and mentoring for women and men who are deciding if kids are for you. It will also help you if you are childfree and might still be getting pressure from your loved ones, who want non-judgmental support in a community of like-minded people.

Each month you get access to a new module that covers a different theme and allows you to dive deep and help you uncover your thoughts and feelings in this area.

It includes online resources & articles, exercises you can do to help you decide, video interviews with women who share their experience as mums & non-mums. There will also be group discussions on the closed Facebook group + monthly group call via Zoom.

Whilst the program is mainly online, where you can work at your own pace, there will be opportunities to talk face to face and via online group chats.



If you want a more personalised approach you can invest in a package of 1 on 1 sessions. Each session is designed around you and your specific needs and issues. These sessions can be done via Zoom, Skype or call.

Sounds more like you? Then email me direct HERE

“Tanya the programme is amazing! Can’t fault it! Absolutely inspiring. An inspiration and so supportive of my choices”. Gemma


• Provide you with a clear plan forward.
• Give you the ability to manage and respond to judgment and criticism about your choice.
• Provide a non-judgemental and supportive space to explore your feelings about having or not having kids.
• Hear stories from mums and non-mums and how they handled making this decision + how they have designed their lives to work for them.
• Provide access to interviews from experts in various areas.
• Someone to talk to about how you’re feeling.
• Learn how having or not having kids can impact career trajectory.
• Let you see your options and how life looks like on both sides.
• Give you practical & relevant exercises to help you decide what is right for you.
• Guide conversations you should have with partners & family.
• Share options for having children and the sacrifices that might be needed.
• Help you minimise regret, expectations and common questions.
• Hear stories from women with all different circumstances (childfree by choice, circumstance, mums who love it and regret it).
• Feel content and less anxious about your future


“I want you to know that your content was such great assistance, it really helped me absorb what my life could look like from the childfree angle” Margot

“I found Tanya’s program to be very helpful with making my decision. I loved the articles and exercises, but especially the interviews. You always read about people who are childfree, but never see real-live people talking about their decision. It just makes you realize you’re not alone and others have the same exact feelings.” Christina


For a strictly limited time you will also get these bonuses:

  • 1 on 1 call with the founder, Tanya Williams

  • Signed copy of A Childfree Happily Ever After + limited edition bookmark

  • Early bird pricing for duration of course