Close to 1 in 4 are women are now deciding not to have children however there are no options for them in or out of the workplace to talk about their options and get support on their decision.

The Childfree Choices Program is in development (on track to launch April 2019) and will help you to address common questions and issues, shape the Childfree conversation to help you have the right conversations with relevant stakeholders, help you pivot to where you need to focus, connect you with like-minded women and allow you to join a community where non-judgemental support is the core value. This is a world first, one of a kind program and feedback from our test crew has been fantastic.

The program is designed to provide support and mentoring for women and men who are deciding if kids are for them or childfree people who want non-judgmental support in a community of like-minded people. Women (and men) invest in business coaching, personal mentors, and skills learning and development, but don’t take time to invest the time and energy into something that impacts their entire life in the biggest way.

The program is broken down into 9 months (that is no coincidence) and will include online resources & articles, exercises you can do to help you decided, access to other women with & without kids, group discussions on the closed Facebook group. It will be a combination of face to face (Brisbane only), online & group Zoom calls. There will also be an opportunity to upgrade to 1 on 1 coaching sessions.

• Provide you with a clear plan forward
• Ability to manage and respond to judgment and criticism of your choice
• A non-judgemental and supportive space to explore your feelings about having (or not having) kids
• Interviews from experts in various areas, and other women who have been through this decision
• Someone to talk to about how you’re feeling
• How having or not having kids can impact career trajectory
• Able to see your options and how life looks like on both sides
• Exercises to help you decide what is right for you.
• Conversations you should have with partners & family
• Options for having children and the sacrifices that might be needed
• Dealing with regret, expectations and common questions
• Hear stories from women with all different circumstances (childfree by choice, circumstance, mums who love it and regret it)
• Happier mentally healthy staff (if sharing internally)

You will find some FAQ’s here

The program is due to launch in April 2019 and I am taking EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST. Just email me and at or via the Request an Invitation link below and I will keep you posted with details as they are confirmed. I would love to have you on board and know how much value you will get from this one of a kind program.

SEEKING CORPORATE PARTNERS > I am also seeking potential sponsors & strategic partners to align with and provide avenues to promote the program.

SEEKING HR & PEOPLE PRO’S > If you work in HR, Diversity & Culture or Wellness and think this type of program is something you would refer people to, I would love to hear from you. Please email me on the above email address.

Feedback from one of the Beta Testers:
“I found Tanya’s program to be very helpful with making my decision. I loved the articles and exercises, but especially the interviews. You always read about people who are childfree, but never see real-live people talking about their decision. It just makes you realize you’re not alone and others have the same exact feelings.” Christina